VCT Program Overview

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The Visual Communications Technologies Department prepares students for career fields involving the delivery of messages in visual forms. Degrees include Web Design, Filmmaking and Video Production, Photography, Graphic Design, and 3D Animation. In addition to the degree specific courses, the general education courses required help ensure that students have the necessary oral, written and critical thinking skills to help them with their professional responsibilities. Century College offers affordable education for individuals around the St. Paul and Minneapolis area who want to further their education and career.

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3D Animation AAS Degree

The 3D Animation Degree provides students with the skills needed for 3D animation careers. Students gain the comprehensive skills of modeling, texturing, special effects, character design, rigging, and animation that can be applied to any project. Our 3D animation courses help prepare students for careers in 3D game design, 3D animations for film and television, forensic animation, 3D medical animation, and more. Bring your characters to life and sharpen your skills with the latest animation technology. Don't wait to do what you love. Start your 3D animation degree today!

Animators / Multimedia Artists: 

Avg: $24.00/hour - Top: $36.63/hour

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Filmmaking and Video Production AAS Degree

The Filmmaking and Video Production Degree trains students to work in a variety of video-related fields. Our filmmaking and video production courses stress the importance of storytelling, planning, shooting, editing, motion graphics and effects. Students have the opportunity to work in teams on real life, client-based projects to create marketing, instructional, and promotional pieces. Get your future rolling. Start your filmmaking and video production degree today!

Career / Salary Data

Film / Video Editors:

Avg: $22.93/hour - Top: $38.33/hour

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Graphic Design AAS Degree

Make your talent into a career with our Graphic Design Degree program. Our graphic design courses cover every industry: corporate identity, packaging, publishing, advertising, signage, and information graphics. Create your own personal brand with the lastest graphic design software. The graphic design degree will also help you create a professional portfolio to showcase your work. Jumpstart your career and apply for a graphic design degree today!

Career / Salary Data

Graphic Designers:

Avg: $24.04/hour - Top: $38.68/hour

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Web Design AAS Degree

The Web Design Degree prepares students for careers in Web Design Front-end Development - the emphasis being on creativity and design. Web design courses feature training in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. Our web design degree will provide you with the skills necessary to implement your designs and to compete for jobs in the Interactive Media industry. Be a part of a fast growing industry and apply for a web design degree today!

Career / Salary Data

Web Designers / Web Developers

Avg: $24.00 /hour - Top:$36.63/hour

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Professional Photography AAS Degree

The Professional Photography Degree prepares students for a career in wedding and prortrait photography. Our photography course assignments ready students for event, location, and studio shooting. Upon completion students will have aquired professional equiptment, knowledge of business practices, and business identity to position them for success. Turn your passion of photography into a dream job. Take advantage of Minnesota's busy wedding season next summer. Apply for a photography degree today!

Career / Salary Data


Avg: $27.94/hour - Top: $41.08/hour

VCT Program
The Annual
VCT Program Portfolio Show


Coming May 9, 2017
Showcasing the graduating VCT students' portfolio work from
5 different degrees including:
3D Animation, Fimmaking and Video Production,
Graphic Design, Professional Photography, and Web Design.
It's an exciting event for all who attend.
In addition to seeing some very exciting and creative student work,
there will be door prizes and refreshments.